December 18, 2018

It is with great excitement that we announce the groundbreaking of Flash N Dash car wash.  It has been an interesting journey and we are now ready to embark on this great new adventure.  A big THANK YOU to all our GREAT CUSTOMERS.  Auto Spa will be turning 18 in April and we have great news for Auto Spa as well!!

We will be tearing down the oil change building adjacent to Auto Spa to make room for Flash N Dash's new state of the art tunnel wash.  This move has allowed us to keep Auto Spa and completely remodel it.

Auto Spa will also be re-named Flash N Dash.  Don't worry, we're still the same home-town family who has washed hundreds of thousands of cars in the town we love.  We are just combining our two business models into one new adventure.  The new Flash N Dash self serve will be completely remodeled.  New equipment, the building will be updated, the paving updated, and last but not least..... CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE in all the wash bays.  No longer will you have to dash for the bill changer to get more quarters.  We will still have the bill changer and will continue to accept quarters as we always have, but we wanted to give our customers what they have wanted. 

For those who love the touchless option, the Belanger Vector, our tried and true touchless automatic wash will be replaced with the latest and greatest next generation Belanger Kondor.  Same great touchless wash but without a treadle plate to align your tire and even better wash quality than before.  Did we mention some "Flash" for the Kondor???  Well, it too, will have its own light show.

The new tunnel will be an experience unlike any other tunnel wash you've experienced.  The patented wash technology our wash equipment has is revolutionizing our industry.  The days of equipment spinning so fast you can't see it, the beating and shaking your car endures, the loud noises of the materials hitting your car are over!  Our newest tunnel is simply amazing.  The equipment spins at a rate that is drastically less than all the other tunnel washes.  No loud beating of your car, no feeling like you're in the middle of a hurricane, no car getting bounced around, no fear of parts of your car being broken off and lost.  Just a quiet, pleasant, peaceful, almost hand wash, experience at Flash N Dash.  Did we mention the light show???  We're putting the "Flash" in Flash N Dash with our new light show.

Let's talk about the free vacuums when you wash with us?  We're installing a state of the art vacuum system at Flash N Dash.  No longer will you worry when more than a few cars are in the vacuum area.  There will be no suction quality issues at Flash N Dash.  No longer do you have to wait for your neighbor beside you to finish using the single hose hanging between your cars.  Every vacuum position will have dual hoses so you and your neighbor beside you can vacuum your cars at the same time.  Just another reason to choose Flash N Dash.

We will commence the remodel of the old Auto Spa in January 2019 and will demolish the oil change in February.  The new tunnel building will arrive in April.  There will be a few interruptions at both locations as we prepare to provide our GREAT CUSTOMERS of almost 20 years for a carwash experience like no other!!!